The Association of African Universities is organising online discussions on the various sub themes of the upcoming 14th General Conference and Golden Jubilee Celebrations (to be held in June 2017) as per the schedule below;

All stakeholders are invited to participate in these important discussions via

Time Table for Online Moderation of General Conference Themes

Date Theme Moderator
17 – 21 April, 2017 Promoting science, technology and innovation through higher education  Mr. Frank Asefuah, AAU
24 – 28 April, 2017 Curriculum reform as key to graduate employability and entrepreneurship Prof. Karambiri, ACE Centre Leader 2iE, Burkina
1 – 5 May, 2017 The role of higher education in managing the environment Prof. Akpezi Ogbuigwe (formally of UNEP, Kenya)
8 – 12 May, 2017 Higher education as a tool for promoting democratic governance Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, Institute for Democratic Governance, Ghana
15 – 19 May, 2017 Mobilizing resources for higher education in Africa Prof. Frans Swanepoel, University of Pretoria


10 – 14 April, 2017 AAU@50: Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects for Sustainable Development Prof. Paul Omaji, Rapporteur General


Day 1: What are the Success Stories in African Universities?

  • Institutional strategy and policies in place?
  • Institutional set up (office, dedicated officer, Directorate, etc.)?
  • Partnerships – local, regional, international?

Day 2: What Led to the Success Stories?

  • Leadership?
  • Funding (what source?)?
  • Government support, National policies?

Day 3: What are the Current Challenges?

Day 4: What are the Recommendations?

Day 5: Wrap up