AAU members are invited to join the 8th World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) to be held from November 14-16, 2017 in Doha, Qatar, with the theme “Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together”.

This is a global education gathering, WISE will gather up to about 2,000 change makers, innovators, thought leaders and policy makers to discuss the education challenges and opportunities in our times of political, economic and technological disruption.

Topics will include new models of learning, the challenges of migration and inclusion, and leadership in the transition to ‘knowledge societies’.

Further information on WISE can be retrieved from the conference website http://www.wise-qatar.org/2017-summit-education-coexist-cocreate

Contact the address below for special discount to AAU Members and any further information;

email: florence.paque@wise.org.qa