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10th Project Steering Committee Meeting & 7th ACE Workshop
April 5, 2017
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April 17, 2017
ACE Workshop
10th Project Steering Committee Meeting & 7th ACE Workshop
April 5, 2017
Online discussions on sub-themes of the AAU General Conference
April 17, 2017
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The AAU Graduate Internship Grants

Small Grant for Graduate Internships

Small Grant for Graduate Internships

The Association of African Universities (AAU) has intensified its support for students from its member institutions to acquire employable skills before graduating from their universities. Through support from its development partners, namely African Capacity Development Foundation (ACBF) and Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), the AAU has secured funds for its member universities in good standing (whose annual subscription payment to AAU is up to date) to offer small grants of up to US$600 per student for graduate internships.

Please encourage your students to apply online at:


The deadline for application is Friday 19th May, 2017


Conditions for the Award of the Grant

  • Grant applicants should be students pursuing post-graduate degree programmes. Applicants should note that the grants are for training purposes only and not meant for the completion of theses or dissertations.
  • Applicants shall commit to undertake an internship programme for a period between twelve (12) and twenty-four (24 weeks).
  • Applications should be supported with an authorisation note from the Head of Department of the applicant’s university as well as an official acceptance letter from the establishment wishing to host the intern.
  • All applicants should submit a detailed curriculum vitae.
  • A detailed but confidential supervisory report would be required from the host institution on the progression of the applicant during the period of internship, and from the university of the applicant on academic progress after the period of internship.
  • Past beneficiaries of the AAU Internship Scheme are not eligible to apply.
  • Consideration would be given to applicants who have no practical work experience.

Selection Criteria

Selection of successful applications would be based on a quota system revolving around gender (at least 40% of beneficiaries should be females); country (not more than 10 applicants per country) and language (at least 30% from Francophone institutions).


  1. CampusPunch says:

    Wow! This truly lovely. I can’t wait to share. How often does this grant come up?

  2. Essay writer says:

    This is great.Education is the key and thanks to you for posting regarding the deadline.

  3. Beatrice says:

    I would like to know how i could get them informed and so get a letter from the host University? How do i please contact them?

  4. Abiodun says:

    please i need an explanation on how to get the internship. Is it the student that are to look for an organization? or the student will be placed? or could there be more explanation on condition four especially last part that says that the intern needs to get a letter of acceptance from the establishment host him or her. Thanks

  5. Janney says:

    An inquiry please, in case a company applies on behalf of students since usually the company hosts interns from different countries and they end up having many challenges which hinder them from performing well and a company is un able to help out due to limited resources but if we can have such an opportunity it can help a lot provided with everything at the end of the day like accountability for all the funds back to you.

  6. Habiba Alhassan says:

    Please can I be hosted by my own University but not my department?

  7. Thanks for posting this very relevant information. I really appreciate….

  8. Neha says:


    I would like to inform you that the Human Resources Intern positions are open at the L’Oreal New York.

    I hope your students will find it useful. Application deadline is 2018-08-25.

    Find more information here

    Thank you, Neha

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