AAU Releases Results of its 2016 Small Grants for Theses and Dissertations Programme

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Séminaire de formation sur les médias sociaux à l’intention des universités francophones
September 19, 2016
Report of 3rd Workshop – AAU University-Industry Linkages Workshop Series
September 27, 2016
Swaziland Social Media Seminar
Séminaire de formation sur les médias sociaux à l’intention des universités francophones
September 19, 2016
Report of 3rd Workshop – AAU University-Industry Linkages Workshop Series
September 27, 2016
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AAU Releases Results of its 2016 Small Grants for Theses and Dissertations Programme

The AAU is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 edition of its Small Grants for Theses and Dissertations Programme. In line with the Association’s aim of promoting the core functions of higher education institutions, the Programme is to facilitate timely completion of post graduate research. The applicants were selected based on the criteria listed in the call (https://blog.aau.org/2016/03/31/small-grants-call-for-applications-issued-march-2016/ )/: Below is the list of successful applicants;

Harrison Kiprotich Simotwo East Africa An assessment of the climate change adaptive capacity among smallholder farmers: The case of Trans-Mara East Sub-County in Narok County, Kenya. MASTERS
Lawrence Were  Ouru East Africa Effect of research and development on agricultural sector growth in east African community: 2000-2014 MASTERS
Harriet Natabona Mukhongo East Africa Investigation of the Molecular Mechanisms of Anti-malarial Drug Resistance in Three Hospitals in Eritrea MASTERS
Fiona Melisa Nangira Oyatsi East Africa Synthesis of Novel Hybrid Molecules for Management of Plasmodium falciparum MASTERS
Elizabeth Wangui Muoria East Africa Assessment of impact of urban population dynamics on household access to water and sanitation in urban nakuru, kenya MASTERS
Galata Gamachu Afeta East Africa The pursuit of democratic governance to promote sustainable peace in Ethiopia; lessons from protest in Oromia National Regional State in 2015-2016 MASTERS
Bonface Joel Malala East Africa Analysis of Pfmdr-1 and Pfcrt drug resistant markers in Plasmodium falciparum Following treatment of patients in Nyanza Region (WESTERN KENYA) with ACT MASTERS
Victor Mtulimbogo King’ani East Africa Genetic diversity and Geographical Distribution of Aspergillus flavus and Aflatoxin Contamination in maize seeds from Tanzania MASTERS
Tensaye Worku Dolasso East Africa GIS & Remote Sensing integrated application for malaria risk mapping; the case of Shone Town Administration,Ethiopia MASTERS
Abasiama Sunday Umoren West Africa Assessment of heavy metals in crude oil-polluted soils and the remediatory effect of Phytoaccumulation by Zea Mays and Glycine max. MASTERS
Sabina  Kwofie West Africa Whole genome characterization of G10 Rotavirus strains in Ghanaian children under five years MPHIL
Samuel  Nyarko Agyapong West Africa Water, sanitation, hygiene and child health outcomes in Ghana MPHIL
Christian Kuete Fofie Central Africa Characterization of the antidiabetic, antioxidant and cardiovascular properties of extracts from Ceiba Pentandra stem bark: elucidation of action mechanisms PHD
Fru Samuel Billa Central Africa Valorisation of agricultural biomass waste for sustainable cassava (Manhicot esculanta cranz) production and climate change mitigation: An assessment of biochar in the agroecological zones of Cameroon. PHD
Haileeyesus H Gebriel Gebrehiwot East Africa Optimization of the spray drying of camel milk for retaining its nutritional properties PHD
Beyene Wubishaw Endale East Africa Impacts of Climate Change, Variability and Adaptation on Pre- and Post-harvest Cereal Crop Production Practices in Merti District, Ethiopia PHD
Edwin Kimutai Kanda East Africa Yield response of canola to water availability under new subsurface irrigation technology PHD
Demassu Gebre Tafera East Africa Resilience of Social-ecological Systems to Climate Change in the Koga Watershed of the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia PHD
Amani Jackson Uisso East Africa Community Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Participatory Land Use Plans in Enhancing Management and Conservation of Village Land Forest Reserves in Kilosa District, Tanzania PHD
Girmaw  Mitikie Geremew East Africa Farmers’ adaptation strategies to climate  change and variability : the case of Enebesie Sar Mider district,North Western Ethiopia PHD
Jacinter Aluoch Amadi East Africa Climate-related variability in eco-hydrological conditions and its influence on malaria risk in Baringo County, Kenya. PHD
Birhane Mulugeta Belaineh East Africa Vulnerability and resilience of stallholder farmers to climate change induced food insecurity in north-eastern Guragelands, Southern Ethiopia PHD
Fanuel  Kawaka J East Africa Diversity of Legume Nodulating Bacteria and the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Sources on the Yield of Common Bean in western Kenya PHD
Peninah Karimi Mwenda East Africa An Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change-Related Extreme Events on Mental Health in Isiolo County, Kenya. PHD
Gebrehiwot  Weldegebrial Gebru East Africa Climate Change Adaptation and Household Livelihood Diversification Strategies by Smallholder Farmers  in Drought Prone Areas of Northern Ethiopia PHD
Getaneh Haile Shoddo East Africa The impact of traditional natural resource management practices and expansion of investment agriculture on forest resource: Sheka zone, South Western Ethiopia. PHD
Melaku Abera Tekla East Africa Dispute Settlement through the Lens of Legal Pluralism: Forum Choice and Working Relationships between Customary and Formal Legal Systems among the Tulama Oromo of Ethiopia PHD
Wedzerai  Chiedza Mandudzo Southern Africa Indigenous institutions, wildlife conservation and climate change adaptation in the Lower Zambezi Transfrontier Park PHD
Marina Victorovna Visser Southern Africa Dietary intake in relation to iron status and estimated cost of a nutrient rich diet of 5 to 12 years old primary school children from kwazulu Natal and North West Provinces of South Africa PHD
Oladele Vincent Adeniyi Southern Africa Genetic diversity and resistance profile of HIV in peri-partum women; risk assessment of mother-to-child transmission in women on the highly active anti-retroviral therapy (pregdr study) PHD
Sithabile  Hlahla Southern Africa Pro-poor climate change adaptation  in urban areas in kwazulu-Natal, South Africa PHD
Uloma Ubani-Ukoma West Africa Controlled Release of Antibiotics from Vitamin E loaded Hydrogel Soft Contact lenses for the Treatment of Corneal Ulcer PHD
Never  Mafuse Southern Africa The Future of Resettled Farmers: New Direction for Institutions, Production and Marketing in Zimbabwe. Case of Maize Production in Marondera District of Mashonaland East province PHD
Hamdiyah Alhassan West Africa Households’ Willingness to Pay and Participate in Source Separation of Solid Waste in the Accra and Tamale Metropolitan Areas, Ghana. PHD
Olusola Joshua Odutayo West Africa Influence of supplemental vitamins and periods of administration on laying performance, haematological parameter and antibody titre of egg type chickens vaccinated against Newcastle disease. PHD
Aminu  Dramani West Africa Obstacles to and opportunities for ethnic conflict resolution in Africa and impact on local economy:  a case-study of the Bawku conflict in northern Ghana. PHD
Hosea Olayiwola Patrick West Africa Climate change, security and geo politics in the southern African region PHD



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  1. koné kanakounou jean-marie says:

    C’est une bonne opportunité pour les étudiants Africains de pouvoir bénéficier de ces aides financieres. Je suis porteur d’un projet de recherche exécutable pour 2017, J’aimerais avoir votre aide surtout financière pour la réalisa&tion de mon projet de these (PhD)
    Comment je doit proceder.
    Je travail sur les Upwellings et la Pêche

    This is a good opportunity for students Africans to benefit from these financial aids. I am carrying an executable research project for 2017, I would like your assistance especially for financial & realized tion of my project thesis (PhD)
    How should I proceed.
    I work about upwellings and Fisheries

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