AAU Secretariat holds inception meeting with Technopolis Group

Revenue Generation Training Workshops for Nigerian ACEs
February 18, 2016
AAU Supports the CESA 2016-2025 Initiative
February 18, 2016
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AAU Secretariat holds inception meeting with Technopolis Group

DLI MeetingThe Association of African Universities (AAU), is supporting the implementation the African Centers of Excellence (ACE)-Programme. The objective of the programme is to promote regional specialization among participating universities ad the delivery of high quality training and applied research in the areas of STEM, Agriculture and Health Science.
The regional programme, supported by the World Bank, adopts a programme-for-results approach and therefore has a strong focus on monitoring and evaluation to facilitate the achievement of planned goals of the ACEs.

Rather than inputs, funds are disbursed to the ACEs on the basis of achievement of verifiable results, or Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs).  The Technopolis Group has been selected to conduct an independent verification of progress on disbursement linked indicators (DLIs) on Excellence in Education and Research Capacity and Development Impact and the 8 associated DLRs (Disbursement Linked Reports). This verification is a requirement before any disbursement of funds to the ACEs.

Technopolis Group will (a) design evaluation methodology for verification of the progress made on DLIs by the ACEs; (b) Conduct the verification in a transparent and independent manner such that it provides the robust evidence for decision-makers

Technopolis Group will support the Africa Centres of Excellence over the next 4 years by also supporting the ACEs in developing their own tracking systems and methodologies, verifying the data including baselines as cited in the individual and overall ACE programme results frameworks, checking the accuracy and consistency of the data reported by the ACEs, verifying project logic models, project indicators and associated data sources, giving recommendations, providing monitoring and evaluation support to the ACEs  and AAU Secretariat and identifying where additional data is required and suggest appropriate methods for data collection

AAU is the Regional Facilitating Unit for the phase one of the Africa Centres of Excellence Project and Professor Jonathan Mba is the Project Coordinator for this Project.

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