Call for Expression of Interest – Liver Transplant Program for African Universities Through the Association of African Universities

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Call for Expression of Interest – Liver Transplant Program for African Universities Through the Association of African Universities

African Universities that are interested in acquiring the skills, capabilities, and expertise for conducting Liver and Kidney Transplants are invited to indicate interest to be part of a training and mentoring programme. The Association of African Universities (AAU) hereby invites Universities in Africa, especially those with Faculties of Medicine, Colleges of Medicine, or Colleges / Faculties of Health Sciences to connect to an offer from Ain Shams Universities based in Egypt, through the AAU. One of the key motivations for the establishment of the AAU was to leverage existing capacities and knowledge resident in the continent for the benefit of other African higher education institutions. Through this initiative, the AAU is fulfilling one of its key goals.

The Offer:  Liver and Kidney Transfer Support program

A group of experts from Ain Shams University, Egypt, eager to share their expertise and experiences with the rest of the continent, will be made available to train, mentor and engage the participating African Universities. The training and mentoring will focus on Liver and Kidney Transplanting.

The Ain Shams University (ASU)

This program is being offered by Ain Shams University through the Association of African Universities. Ain Shams University has commendable experience in Liver and Kidney Transplant and has been involved in Liver and Kidney Transplants for more than 20 years. Over the past two decades, the medical team at Ain Shams University (ASU) has done over 1400 living donor Liver Transplants in the region. Ain Shams University will be honoured to share their rich experience and deep knowledge with African universities to enable institutions better serve African patients. The medical team will undertake scheduled medical visits to the medical facilities of participating universities as part of the experience sharing engagements. The Ain Shams University medical mission aims to assist African countries with a high prevalence of liver and kidney diseases.

Mode of Application

Interested African Universities should write through their Vice-Chancellor to the President of Ain Shams University, Egypt via, and provide details about their medical programs and the nature of support that they require. Such applications should also be copied to the Secretary-General of the Association of African Universities via The applications are being accepted throughout the year and will be reviewed as they are received.

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