Call for Social Media Volunteers – Apply Now!

Press Release – 10th ACE Impact Workshop: Sustaining Progress and Celebrating a Decade of Change
October 24, 2023


The Association of African Universities (AAU) is pleased to invite qualified and interested candidates to apply for consideration for the role of Social Media Volunteers to enhance our online visibility over the next 12 months (January to December 2024). We invite enthusiastic individuals to join us in promoting African higher education through impactful social media strategies.

Key Details:


  • Group 1: January to June 2024
  • Group 2: July to December 2024

Application Deadline: 4th December 2023

Criteria for Selection:

  • Current students enrolled in African higher education institutions studying communications, education, journalism, public relations, information studies, graphic design, and related fields.
  • Willingness to participate in scheduled orientation and training programs.
  • Access to a smartphone and to the internet.
  • Eagerness to learn about social media marketing, content development, campaign support, advocacy, adherence to organizational policies, reporting, and community engagement.
  • Commitment, professionalism, tech savvy, creativity, and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for the AAU’s mission and goals.

Benefits for Volunteering:

  • Recognition: Receive a certificate of participation for the 6-month engagement as an AAU Social Media Volunteer. Potentially gain recognition from the wider online community.
  • Skill Development: Participate in three organized capacity-building webinars to prepare for effective engagement. Gain practical skills related to Social Media Management and deeper knowledge about the AAU’s work in African higher education.
  • Professional Growth: Acquire real-world experience in digital marketing and social media, valuable for students pursuing studies in communications, marketing, or public relations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, expanding your professional network.
  • Resume Enhancement: Showcase your skills, values, and commitment to African higher education, enhancing your personal branding.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Collaborate with a diverse group of individuals, fostering teamwork and enhancing interpersonal skills.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Benefit from receiving feedback on your work, with opportunities for continuous improvement and refinement of your social media skills.

Application Process: Interested individuals can apply for the Social Media Volunteer position by following this link:

We look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals who share our passion for advancing African higher education. Thank you for your interest in supporting the AAU’s Social Media Visibility.

Note to Applicants:

Applicants are kindly reminded to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information provided in the application form. Please double-check all details, including contact information, and educational background, before submitting your application.

Inaccurate or incomplete information may affect the application review process. We appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to providing precise and reliable data.

Thank you for your cooperation.