Ashesi University to host African University Day 2015 Celebrations
September 10, 2015
Positioning your digital institutional repository for visibility
September 10, 2015
Ashesi University to host African University Day 2015 Celebrations
September 10, 2015
Positioning your digital institutional repository for visibility
September 10, 2015
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ECOWAS Fellowship Programme – 2015 Call

ECOWAS Fellowship Programme for Masters & PhD – 2015 Competition

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The Association of African Universities (AAU) is pleased to announce the 2015 maiden edition of the ECOWAS Fellowship Programme for Masters and PhD (EFP) under the sponsorship of the Economic Commission for West African States (ECOWAS). The Programme seeks to promote capacity building within the ECOWAS 15-member countries by providing full fellowships for training and education for nationals of ECOWAS member states in higher education institutions of ECOWAS.
Eligibility: The Programme is open to qualified nationals (including graduate students, researchers, lecturers, and staff) of ECOWAS member states who will be admitted for Masters or PhD degree programme at any one of the following three universities:
(a). University of Lagos, Nigeria
(b). University of Ibadan, Nigeria
(c). Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal
A good first degree (at least second class upper division or its equivalent) is required for Masters degree programme. An MPhil degree or its equivalent is required for PhD programme.

Priority will be given to Anglophone nationals who want admission into Francophone institutions, as well as to Francophone nationals who want admission into Anglophone institutions. Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Study Disciplines

Applications are invited from all disciplines linked to the fields of strategic importance to the West African region such as:
1.    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM);
2.    Earth and Life Sciences;
3.    Health including maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, etc.;
4.    Agriculture, Food Security and related disciplines
5.    History of Africa
6.    Information technology; and
7.    Gender issues.

Full Scholarship

The ECOWAS Fellowship Programme (EFP) is a full scholarship intended to cater for each fellow’s costs of living, tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research. In this respect, ECOWAS will pay the tuition fees directly to the institutions and provide a monthly stipend of US$600 per Masters student and US$800 per PhD student to cover all other expenses for the duration of the degree programme.

Application Procedure

Qualified candidates will be admitted to one of the three institutions mentioned above. Please ensure that the institution that you have selected offers the course you have chosen.  All the three universities provide information about their degree programmes on their websites.

Each application must include the following:
1.    A photocopy of the degree and other certificates.
2.    Most recent curriculum vitae.


The 2015 Applications are accepted before October 15, 2015 from eligible students from ECOWAS member institutions. Applicants submitting applications in response to the 2015 ECOWAS call are hereby informed that an online application form has been created to facilitate the application process. Those that already emailed their applications should also re-apply using the new instructions. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the link from here:
  2. Make sure that you have all the required information ready including your CV and scanned certificates
  3. Each supporting document that you upolad must not exceed 1MB
  4. You need about 45 minutes online to complete the form
  5. Please email the following people if you encounter challenges:
    • Technical Issues with the online form:
    • Queries about the ECOWAS call:
    • Or telephone: +233302774495

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by this change.

Version française


  1. Mussa Nanque says:

    Good afternoon dears.
    I’m Mussa Nanque, I’m Jurist, I’m Bissau Guinean, my oficial language is portuguese and I just want now if I can apply? I asked becouse my english is low.

  2. aaublog67 says:

    Please send to the email address provided

  3. Enitan says:

    please, When I click the link to download the form, its saying page not found. Has anyone been able to download the form.

  4. Abdulkareem Mas-ud says:

    Please the application form is not available on the link provided. Kindly help us get the correct link please. Thank you.

  5. Adika says:

    The EFP form is available online. Please what do I do?

  6. Adika says:

    The EFP form is not available online. Please what do I do?

  7. eric fordjour says:

    Is it permitted to select the same institution as the first and second choice indicated in number 13 of the application form?

  8. Joseph Deema says:

    I am humbly appreciative to ECOWAS and the different institutions that are behind this resounding and hallmark initiative that will pay so much to the people in the sub-region whose sons and daughters are benefiting from said undertakings.

    I am elated and will take seriously this opportunity that has come forth; and the knowledge that will be gained will be used optimally to benefit West Africans in particular and the African Continent in general.

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  10. Emmanuel says:

    Do I need to print the EFP form, fill it manually and submit it by scanning it to the email provided

  11. Andrew N, Ngolloe says:

    I appreciate highly this ECOWAS initiative, this proofs that we African can do things for ourselves.
    I can wait to apply.
    Andrew Ngolloe

  12. Kamal says:

    please what do you mean by a photocopy of the degree and other certificates? what other certificates? thank you.

  13. Darlington says:

    Thank you so much.But do I need to fill the downloaded form with ink,then scan and send or what ? Is there any need to sign on the back of the passport since we are sending it electronically.

  14. I am really interested in this. I already registered for my PHD in University of Ibadan and I have been admitted. Can I still apply or this is strictly for fresh applicants. Thank you.

  15. Lafat Sunday says:

    That is a beautiful innovative synergy from ECOWAS on regional stride for African brotherliness. Education is Power.

  16. jamiu Oladigbolu says:

    thanks for that clarification..!

  17. jamiu Oladigbolu says:

    thanks for that clarification

  18. Chioma G. says:

    Will there be any entrance examination?

  19. aaublog67 says:

    Please type. Save and email all your application documents to the indicated email address

  20. aaublog67 says:

    Yes you send your documents to AAU then AAU will liaise with your selected university

  21. aaublog67 says:

    Please download the form. Type into it and email your package. yes submit the M Agric Attestation letter

  22. aaublog67 says:

    Please type. Save and email all your application documents to the indicated email address

  23. aaublog67 says:

    You submit immediately. Then the admission issues will be sorted in collaboration with AAU if you are selected for the fellowship

  24. aaublog67 says:

    Its now available. Sincere Apologies

  25. aaublog67 says:

    Please try again. And ensure your scanned copies are not excessively large.

  26. Francis says:

    I have tried to submit through the provided email but its not going through.

  27. Francis says:

    I have tried submitting like thrice but i keep getting the mailer- daemon message that server wasnt found. How do you advice i best submit?

  28. francis Amekorgbe says:

    thank you sir iam second class lower degree holder can i also apply

  29. Iweibo Oluwanisola says:

    What should be the subject of the mail please. Also i have to print the form to sign on it and i also have to print the form to tick the specified categories where it is required. Is it ok for me to just print fill it and then scan and mail it?

    • aaublog67 says:

      Subject of the email can be your full names.

      Send the application form in electronic format, CV and degree copy to AAU. The admission to the university will be negotiated if you are selected for the fellowship

  30. Joseph Deema says:

    Sir, do i have to file in my credentials to the selected institution where I am anticipating to pursue my studies since I have not gotten admission at said institution? As a foreign student, besides filling in the form and attaching my previous degree, what do I need to do?

  31. Alimamy Dumbuya says:

    What should I enter in this first space provided in the form. Is it my first degree or the course I want to apply for?

  32. aaublog67 says:

    Read the call carefully and respond using the perimeters allowed in the call

    Kindly take time to understand the form and respond to it as per each question

    Best Wishes

  33. Iskeel says:

    I have an issue here. I recently had a change in one of my names, and i have all legal proof and publications as regards this. Would i need to attach this to the application too? As i now uses the new names in all applications.

    Also, i would like to know if it doesn’t matter if I still apply to the same school and department where i finished my first degree from.


  34. bakare erick says:

    Please how do I attach my passport photo on d form and likewise my signature

    • aaublog67 says:

      Type into the form
      Print the form
      Sign the form
      Scan the signed form
      But if you had a scanned signature you could paste it into the e-form
      Attach your scanned passport picture to the email

  35. Jenneh F. Bebeley says:

    Sir,the website of the University in Senegal is in French. How do i know that the course i want to offer is offered by the University when i can not speake french? Is the course going to be taught in french?

  36. aaublog67 says:

    Please apply and mention this in your application.

  37. aaublog67 says:

    The call is considering the three indicated universities at this time

    If its one choice put the one choice

  38. Alabi Shittu says:

    Sir am a fresh graduate my certificate is not yet ready now, can I send my last semester result and attestation letter for application, can I also apply

  39. Alimamy Dumbuya says:

    What should I put in the first space provided in the electronic form, that asks the degree applying for? Should I put my first degree or my intended master’s program.

  40. Alimamy Dumbuya says:

    Should I also include my diploma and other training certificates over the years.

  41. abdiulhakim says:

    me i am from togo .is it necesserary to translate my documents before apply

  42. Folarin says:

    please can you help me with the Master courses offered at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal

  43. aaublog67 says:

    State all this in your application

  44. Bernard Njor says:

    This is a very interesting development in ECOWAS. Thanks for the opportunity given us to forge ahead with our dreams of acquiring higher education. Please I studied Mathematics at bachelor’s degree level and wish to study Statistics at Master’s degree level. Can I apply for this scholarship?

  45. […] For more information, enquiries and application, click here […]

  46. I am a Bachelor of Library and Information Science holder with Third Class Degree can i apply for scholarship?

  47. This maiden program of ECOWAS is a wonderful one. What else can be good as this again on this planet?l am praying vehemently to obtain this scholarship. Long live ECOWAS, Long live Africa and all member countries.

  48. Kamal Mustapha says:

    when I click submit after filling the form online, an empty page is displayed. This means the application was not successful. please what should I do?

  49. eric fordjour says:

    please with a sense of respect and humility, i have sent my application to the e-mail provided but how do i know my application has been received.Thanks!

  50. Abdul Ghaniyyu says:


    I would like to know whether the scholarship is strictly for Master’s or one can also apply for Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), as the duration on in most cases vary?

    Also, I have MSc. in Mathematical Science and would like to know if it’s possible to apply for another Master’s in a specific field?


  51. diaby says:

    I would like to know in which language should I apply since my native language is french ?

  52. Lucia Paye-Layleh says:

    Hi, I have completed all my credit hours for my undergraduate degree program but my graduation is scheduled for December can I apply using just my attestation letter, will I stand a good chance? This type of opportunity is rare so I don’t want to miss out on it especially with females being encouraged to apply.

  53. Adeyonu B. Adeola says:

    This is a very nice development.

    please does this include an application letter?

  54. Kolade Deborah Ibukun says:

    Hello sir/ma, I applied for the EFP 2015 Masters but I made a typographical error in my email address so I didn’t get a feedback after I submitted the form successfully. I already sent a mail to the address I saw on the website and I thought I should leave this comment here as well. Kindly help to correct the error so I can get feedback on my application. Thanks.

  55. aaublog67 says:

    We will give access for everyone to review their applications

  56. aaublog67 says:

    Upload if its available

  57. diaby says:

    Could I compress my supporting document with Winrar to apply ?

  58. bakare erick says:

    Please when are we going to be permitted to verify our applications and make necessary adjust (if possible) on the documented submitted sir?

  59. bakare erick says:

    Please admin kindly answer my question: are we to submit a cover letter or letter of introduction with our applications?

  60. Moses Jaja says:

    Dear Sir,

    Are Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates eligible to apply.

  61. francis Amekorgbe says:

    Sir can my scanned singnature be at the immediate top of my passport photograph?

  62. Joseph Deema says:

    Sir, I really need information with respect to the courses offered at the different specified universities for admission. May I get help from you?

  63. Akwuobi Annthony says:

    i love this development. Am hopeful.

  64. Folabi Sofela says:

    I just feel that the window of opportunity shouldn’t have been short prematurely. Everyone should be give the same oportunity for it takes time for information to circulate. I just just heard above this opportunity some hours ago. On getting to the web application had closed. Its so sad.

  65. Alimamy Dumbuya says:

    I have sent in my application through the provided email address ( and am yet to receive a confirmation of my sent application.

  66. Alimamy Dumbuya says:

    I have attached all my documents like degree, diploma, electronic form and curriculum vitae and sent it to the official email address. Please notify me if it is correct to do it that way.

  67. Just Knowing about it now and I am very much interested

  68. kator peter says:

    when will the list of selected candidates be released?

  69. Jenneh Fatima Bebeley says:

    Dear AAU, Please i want to know about the ECOWAS Scholarship. Since the aknowledged receipt of my documents i have not heard from you.

  70. aaublog67 says:

    ECOWAS2015 Fellowship Outcomes – those selected 4 Univs of Lagos & Ibadan

  71. aaublog67 says:

    ECOWAS2015 Fellowship Outcomes – those selected 4 Univs of Lagos & Ibadan

  72. Abdullahi Hamza says:

    Although I have all the academic excellence required and I applied for the course public health which my country Nigeria is lacking after meeting the course requirements at university of lagos but my name is not there in the list. Is there another list coming out or not?

    • aaublog67 says:

      Thank you for your keen interest. Please try again when we circulate the 2016 Call. I am not sure of the dates for that call

      • Darlington Chukwuma says:

        Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Good morning. I want to Know wether the result is out for those that applied in the Anta Diop University.

        a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; }

        a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }

        /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */

        aaublog67 commented: “Thank you for your keen interest. Please try again when we circulate the 2016 Call. I am not sure of the dates for that call”

      • aaublog67 says:

        The list for the University of Cheikh Anta Dioup is not yet out. We will update you.

  73. hakizimana says:

    when the list of shortlisted in universite anta diop de dakar will be published?

  74. kator peter says:

    when will the list of shortlisted candidates for Chiek anta diop university senegal be out. please inform me. i will be most disappointed if i am not selected as i believe i am qualified. expecting a prompt response. thank you.

  75. kator peter says:

    please intimate me of the selection for chek anta diop university senegal. i want to know please. thanks

  76. Audu Bello says:

    Please when will the list for shortlisted applicants for University of Senegal be out. More so, the link shortlisted candidate for University of lagos and ibadan is not opening. Thanks

  77. Chinedu says:

    I tried to open the link that contains the list of selected students for univ of lagos and ibadan but I was told that the page can’t not be displayed. Please, is there any other way I could view the list? Thank you

  78. mbonu Chinedu says:

    Please I was selected for the masters program at ucad Senegal, please what’s the next step

  79. Kasfarin says:

    Hello Admin… how do I check the list of those selected for Lagos & Ibadan. The link up there is not opening.

  80. francis says:

    The list for the University of Cheikh Anta Dioup is still not yet out. thank you


    I visited the recommended web for lagos and Ibadan uni list and couldn’t see any name

  82. Adebayo says:

    The link for the successful candidates that has been posted recurrently is a dead one. Please publish the list to ensure transparency. Thanks

  83. Jeffrey says:

    Hello AAUblog
    I have been waiting to see the list sent to our emails, nothing of such was done till I came across this blog, and the link you provided for people you chose UNILAG and University of Ibadan keeps given me an error message saying PAGE NOT FOUND.
    Please how do I check my name as I chose UNILAG and Chiek anta diop university senegal .
    Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated
    Kind regards

  84. kola2geo says:

    Good day Admin. I applied for the scholarship last year and I have been waiting for the list. However, I have tried the links you supplied above for the Universities of Lagos and Ibadan admission but it appears the link no longer functions. Please how else can one check and when is the Senegal list coming up. Thanks

  85. A S. Said says:

    Hi admin i am from Nigeia and i cant access the page you just shared for the list of selected candidates for the university of lag and ibadan pls can u help me.
    Many thanks

  86. Kenneth says:

    Hi aaublog67 Admin,
    I did apply for the ECOWAS scholarship but got to know when the list came out and was not notified as well. Tried checking the list link you shared but it is not accessible anymore, how can I get to verify if I was selected please.

  87. kator peter says:

    i think the section process was fraudulent. there was no advertised list for university of senegal and there was no clearly shown list of criteria for selection. stop this fraud.

  88. Boluwajide says:

    On the list for the successful candidates chosen for msc scholarship at university of Ibadan and university of Lagos, there is a word “waiting list” . Please what does it depict? Should we still be expecting another list or wat? If so, wen???

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