Leadership In University Transformation Webinar Series – Third cohort registration currently ongoing!!!

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December 9, 2022
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Leadership In University Transformation Webinar Series – Third cohort registration currently ongoing!!!


A good number of academic leaders find themselves in leadership positions without sufficient preparation for the challenges that face both the institutions and the human resource of those institutions, as well as the specific challenges of the positions they occupy. 

Having adequate knowledge about why transformation should be a particular concern of the African university as well as what academic leaders should do to ensure the much-needed transformation in Africa’s higher education system are all vital. 

By registering for this course, students will

  • Acquire an enhanced understanding of the phenomenon of university transformation with special reference to the African university
  • Develop the ability to identify areas of transformation in a university
  • Develop the ability to play an effective role in championing, facilitating, and leading the transformation process in the participant’s own university

Target group:  Participation is open to all stakeholders who are involved in Higher and Tertiary education regardless of their area of specialization, including but not limited to:

  • Deans, Executives (e.g., Aspiring Vice-Chancellors) 
  • Heads / Chairpersons of Department

Course holder: Prof. Emmanuel A. Ngara – BA (Hon), MPhil, PhD (London) is a Leadership Author & Training Specialist. A scholar and leadership expert who has served as a diplomat, Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE),Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Fort Hare and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at several universities, including the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Fort Hare, the University of Natal and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

He has produced numerous publications in the areas of African literature, education, applied linguistics and leadership.

Course and registration details

Time: 3 pm (ASAT); 1 pm GMT.

Duration: 4th October to 20th December 2023.

Tuition fee: $80

Register here

You can also make payment directly here so as to be granted access to the course webinar details and materials.

NB: Certificates will be awarded at the end of the course webinar.


Course Syllabus

Leadership In University Transformation
Date: 4th October to 20th December 2023. Topic
Week 1: 4th October Transformation as an Imperative for the African University
Week 2 :11th Desirable Characteristics of an African Graduate 
Week 3 : 18th Transforming Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Content Developmental Approach to Teaching & Learning : Developing a Curriculum that Reflects an Africa-Centered Consciousness
Week 4: 25th  Student Presentations on Module 3.
Week 5: 15th November Research & Innovation 
Week 6: 16th Research & Innovation Structures 
Week 7: 22nd Transforming Culture, Leadership & Management 
Week 8 : 23rd Transforming Culture, Leadership & Management | Developing a Strategic Plan: Developing an Operational Plan
Week 9: 29th Guidance on Project Writing
Week 6th and  13th December Project Writing and Individual Consultation.
Week 12: 20th Submission of Projects


Please note that this is a recurring certificate course, hence, the fourth cohort will be communicated after the third cohort ends in December 2023.

Browse other certificate courses on the AAU-eLearnAfrica Learning Management System here.

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