Research Communication and Commercialisation Workshop, May 15-17, 2018 |Accra, Ghana

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March 27, 2018
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Research Communication and Commercialisation Workshop, May 15-17, 2018 |Accra, Ghana

Accurate Communication by researchers is crucial. Even more pertinent is the ability to effectively communicate research findings for impact and uptake by its most needed stakeholders.  More often than not, researchers tend to prioritise accuracy when communicating their findings (employing jargons in the process) at the expense of creating understanding among their audience which include industry, government (to inform policy), non-governmental organisations and civil society.

The desired purpose of conducting action-oriented research is for it to be ultimately up-taken and utilised to bring about the desired change/result, among other things.  However, a lot of research conducted fail to achieve this goal due to failure by researchers to effectively communicate their findings.

Along with research communication, research commercialisation is one key area needing attention. In 2018, the Association of African Universities (AAU), is seeking to strengthen the ability of researchers across Africa to effectively communicate their research findings and adopt a truly engaging and responsive communication style that will lead to positive results for their research findings and institutions. Along with this, we aim to boost the skills of researchers to be able to tap into the commercial potential of research.

The two themed Workshop (Research Communications and Research Commercialisation) will help researchers to develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style that will lead to positive results for their research findings and institutions. It will further equip participants to realise and tap into the commercial potential of research. Please access the workshop Concept Note here – Research Communication and Commercialisation Workshop_ Accra_Ghana_

Date: May 15 -17, 2018

Venue: AAU Secretariat| East-Legon| Accra,Ghana

Course Aim

  • To impart knowledge and skills on effective use of communication to researchers interested in upgrading their communication skills so that they can better disseminate research findings and achieve their own and institutions’ set targets.
  • To equip participants with practical knowledge of research commoditisation and research commercialization

Course Objectives

  • Strengthen the professional capacity of researchers to communicate their research findings effectively
  • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills of employing communication to foster/improve partnerships with Higher Education stakeholders including the private sector, civil society and government
  • Sharing of practical communication strategies among participants
  • Sharing with participants knowledge of the various commercialisation models and how to apply them
  • Assisting participating institutions build a research commercialization plan and a team of research managers


Course Content

  • Practical knowledge sharing on strategic dissemination of research findings to promote uptake by industry, Government and other stakeholders.
  • Enhancing researchers’ online visibility
  • Discussion on utilising communication to attract funders and development partners to support research projects in cash or kind
  • Knowledge sharing among researchers on a wide range of communication tools available, including the use of social media.
  • Capacity enhancement on generating visibility for the individual and the institution’s research work
  • Research commoditisation and Commercialisation
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

 Expected Outcome

  • Strengthened capacity of researchers to effectively disseminate research findings to the different stakeholder categories
  • Common knowledge of effective communication tools and its usage among researchers
  • Actionable Communication and implementation plans developed by each participant
  • Improved knowledge and skills in research commercialisation
  • Improved Knowledge of participants on effective management of IPR


Workshop Methodology

The objectives of the workshop will be achieved through lead lectures, skills practice activities, guided feedback, and intensive participant interaction over carefully selected cases and other materials in a process facilitated by Resource Persons.


To ensure effective interaction and exchange of ideas, a maximum of 40 participants will be admitted into the programme. Participation is open to;

  • All researchers in higher education institutions (both public and private) seeking to increase their knowledge of communication and commercialisation in the context of research.
  • Persons from both state and private research institutions and NGOs
  • Student Researchers
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Research consultants
  • Research entrepreneurs
  • Government advisors
  • Policy makers developing knowledge-based economies
  • All interested stakeholders.


Workshop Fees:

500 Ghana Cedis for AAU member institutions

600 Ghana Cedis for Non-AAU member institutions

Registration covers the conference package including certificates, tea/coffee and lunch for the three days of the workshop

Note: All funding generated from the delivery of the Research Communication and Commercialisation Workshop contributes to the ongoing mission of improving African research visibility and uptake.


All participants who undergo the training course will be awarded certificates of participation by the AAU at the end of the workshop.


Please register via this link


Contact Persons;

No. Name Title E-mail Contact No.
1 Mrs. Felicia Kuagbedzi Communications and Publications Officer, AAU (+233)


2 Ms. Nodumo Dhlamini Director, ICT Services, Communications and Knowledge Management (+233)


3 Ms. Edith Laari AAU Communications Directorate (+233)



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