University Advancement Workshop- The Role of the Registrar, CFO and CHR in 21st Century University| Uganda

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July 27, 2016
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University Advancement Workshop- The Role of the Registrar, CFO and CHR in 21st Century University| Uganda

Special invitation to AAU University Advancement Workshop- The Role of the Registrar, CFO and CHR in the 21st Century University

I formally invite you to attend the upcoming workshop on the theme: “University Advancement – The Role of the Registrar, CFO and CHR in 21st Century University, being organised by AAU in collaboration with Makerere University, Uganda from 26th-30th September 2016.

The Africa University of the 21st century faces many challenges – challenges of relevance, sustainability, student access, student success as well as, very important so, a myriad of staff challenges.

The call is therefore for a new type of Professional and Support Service staff (PASS), senior and executive staff who fully understand the imperatives of the 21st century and who are able to translate the institutional goals of the Higher Education Institution into aligned Registry, Human Resources as well as Financial Objectives, policies and procedures as well as actions to support the sustainable success of the particular HEI.

PASS environments that are not fully aligned with and able to support the VC and other academic leaders in the HEI, can seriously impede the HEI in it’s strive to fulfill the desired vision of the particular institution.

This is the reason why the AAU, in response to the needs as articulated by its member universities, have decided to focus during the next workshop on the key roles that need to be fulfilled by the Registrar and Heads of respective Finance and Human Resources.

The offering of this workshop at this particular point in time is very appropriate. All Africa HEI’s, albeit to a varying degree, are subject to unprecedented external pressures – having significant impacts on both the expectations of PASS environments as well as the value adding services that need to be provided by these important PASS.

Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Yours faithfully

Prof. Etienne Ehile

Secretary General

DATES: 27th to 29th September 2016 (Arrival – Monday, 26th September – departure, Friday morning, 30th September 2016) at the Afrique Suites Apartment Hotel at Mutungo, Uganda.

COSTS: Inclusive of morning/afternoon refreshments, lunch, as well as all workshop materials: $800 per participant

ACCOMMODATION: Participants will stay at the Afrique Suites Apartment Hotel where a special rate of $75 has been negotiated for workshop participants. Accommodation and related costs are to be borne by each participant.


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  1. Good morning Prof., I’m glad to see that support staff are concerned in the activities of the AAU. I would like to know if a chief of service in charge of social action can be concerned by this workshop. I’m in the University of Maroua(Far North Region of Cameroun) and I have been appointed in the higher teachers’ training college in the same town.

  2. Good morning Prof., I’am gad to know that support staff are also concerned in the activities of the AAU. is it advisable for a chief of service of social action to attend this workshop? I am a support staff in the University of Maroua (Far North Region of Cameroon) I’ve been appointed in the Higher Teachers’ Training College of the same town. Thanks for your kind attention.

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