Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Enrol Today in the New and Emerging Leaders Course!

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October 13, 2023
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Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Enrol Today in the New and Emerging Leaders Course!

General Overview of Course

Join us on a journey to becoming a first-rate leader; the course features the latest research on a range of leadership topics. It has been developed for an ambitious young African who will stop at nothing until they succeed. Transform into a confident leader by joining this course to sharpen your skills. 

These online modules have been developed in sequence of impact for aspirants to the leadership positions to acquire new skills, sharpen their leadership interest and advance their career.

Dora Moremi leverages her vast practical experience as a leader in financial services in Africa to deliver an impactful and well researched leadership course for practitioners. As an avid reader and researcher on leadership, organizations and behavior, teaching a new generation leadership practice and styles in a post Covid era, making leadership relevant has never been more critical.

Course holder:  Convener| Dora Maribe-Moremi

Time: 1pm GMT

Duration: 4 Weeks( Next cohort begins the second week of every month)

Tuition fee: $ 90

Register here

You can also make payment directly here to obtain access to the course webinar details and materials.

NB: Certificates will be awarded at the end of the course webinar.


 Course Syllabus

Week 1:  Introduction to leadership
Monday Traditional leadership style
Tuesday Trait and personality theories
Wednesday Behavioral and relational – social exchange leadership
Thursday Transactional and transformational leadership
Week 2: Introduction- Next generation leadership
Monday Link transformational leadership to new generation styles: Authentic and Charismatic
Tuesday Servant leadership
Wednesday Spiritual leadership
Thursday Ethical leadership
Week 3: Next generation leadership- 21st century leadership
Monday Contextual leadership
Tuesday Complexity leadership
Wednesday Adaptive leadership
Thursday Social networks leadership
Week 4: 21st century leadership continued
Monday Informal leadership styles introduced
Tuesday Collective leadership
Wednesday Distributed leadership
Thursday Shared and participative leadership

Please note that this is a recurring certificate course with a new cohort beginning in the second week of every month.

Browse other certificate courses on the AAU-eLearnAfrica Learning Management System here.

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