AAU Participates in the PRICNAC Micro-Projects Kick-Off Meeting, 21-23 March 2022, Yaoundé Cameroon

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AAU Participates in the PRICNAC Micro-Projects Kick-Off Meeting, 21-23 March 2022, Yaoundé Cameroon

Partners of the project titled – the “Promotion of Research, Innovation and Digital Culture in Central Africa (PRICNAC)”, have organized a kick-off meeting for the implementation of five (5) micro-projects which were selected following a call for proposals launched in July 2021.  Aside the Association of African Universities (AAU),  the other project partners include the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), OBREAL Global Observatory, African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES), and the Network of Experts in Training Engineering of Central Africa and the Great Lakes (REIFAC). The highly successful kick-off meeting was hosted in Yaoundé, Cameroon, from March 21 to 23, 2022.

Before the effective start of the micro-project activities, the PRICNAC Project Consortium considered it necessary to organize a meeting to sensitize and train the project leaders on the financial and administrative management of the grant and to outline and discuss/clarify expectations of the Consortium members and the development partners (the project is funded by the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union under the ACP Innovation Fund).  The overall objective of the meeting was to allow stakeholders to exchange information to ensure a smooth start and implementation of the micro-projects.

The meeting also offered the opportunity for the micro-projects teams to present the details and focus of their respective projects to the consortium and other participating stakeholders.

Through a competitive process, five (5) out of twelve (12) micro projects were selected for funding by PRICNAC. The five institutions involved in the selected micro-projects (two from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and three from Cameroon) are:

Institution Country Project name Objective


Cameroon youth tech school incubator- CAYSTI Cameroon 3D printing for education- 3DE To improve the professionalization of the educational process in schools with 3D technology
Catholic University of Bukavu DRC Strengthening individual learning and improving the quality of training through access to digital resources at the University of Bukavu and the Higher Institute of Management in Goma. To promote and facilitate the use of emerging technologies and smarter devices to bridge the digital divide.
Association for the promotion of a green and liveable environment APEVV Cameroon Project to create youth employment opportunities through synergies between the research and innovation ecosystems and the business world SYNERIME To create or enable synergies in the research and innovation ecosystem, including with the private sector.
Office of Elaboration and Implementation of Community Development BEMPRODEC NGO DRC Support for local traditional knowledge and indigenous peoples for climate change mitigation in Central Kassai, DRC. To encourage the use of indigenous and local knowledge in conjunction with formal knowledge systems and practices.
Association for Integrated Development and Interactive Solidarity ADISI Cameroon Sustainable territory factories – the FAB network To establish a network of third places to assist territories in moving toward inclusive and sustainable development.


The Kick-off meeting also featured a world café during which the project teams discussed effective ways of collaborating and partnering with key stakeholders towards achieving the overall goal of the PRICNAC Project.  This was an opportunity for each micro-project to identify the extent to which they could collaborate within the PRICNAC project and address any challenges they may have.

Read More About the PRICNAC Project Here – AAU and Partners Implement PRICNAC to Promote Research, Innovation and Digital Culture in Central Africa – AAU Blog

Visit the Project Website for Additional Information –  https://pricnac.org/en/the-project/


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