AAU TV unveils its Diaspora Connect Programme

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May 17, 2019
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AAU TV unveils its Diaspora Connect Programme

The Television Station of the Association of African Universities (AAU-TV), is initiating a new TV programme titled “Diaspora Connect” to showcase the various engagements of the African Diaspora on the continent. The AAU, Africa’s apex continental higher education body, established AAU TV to disseminate real time information and content on African Higher Education to promote the sector.

The Diaspora Connect Programme identifies the African Diaspora as:

  • Those Africans who were in their mid-careers at the time of emigration, but still have strong attachment(s)/connections to their African home countries;
  • Those who went overseas for undergraduate or graduate studies, but remained in their study countries due to career openings, and still have substantial attachment to their home countries;
  • The pre-teens who accompanied their emigrating parents and still have fond memories and attachment to Africa
  • The earlier generation of immigrants whose commitment to an African home country is mainly for cultural reasons and nostalgia.

Members of the African Diaspora thus include Africans with roots or interest in Africa but who are domiciled outside the borders of the continent

The “Diaspora Connect” programme seeks to produce television documentaries on interventions of individuals or Diasporan networks in their Africa home countries that have impacted positively on society.

The mode of engagement with the Diaspora would be through interviews, face-to-face talks, video shoots and other forms of interaction to produce 45-minute documentaries per episode. Preference would be given to the academic Diaspora who are linking up with African institutions of higher learning for collaborative research, infrastructural development, funding, etc. as well as other African Diaspora who are back home to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and are thus impacting positively on society.

Kindly identify the Diasporans in your networks who are willing to be featured and send their contact details via email to: aautv@aau.org; copied ransford@aau.org or via WhatsApp: +233 244 736 280.


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