Workshop on Research Leadership, Transparency, Communication, Partnerships and Collaboration

May 16, 2019
AAU TV unveils its Diaspora Connect Programme
May 17, 2019
May 16, 2019
AAU TV unveils its Diaspora Connect Programme
May 17, 2019
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Workshop on Research Leadership, Transparency, Communication, Partnerships and Collaboration

Cairo, Egypt –July 15 -18, 2019

The Association of African Universities (AAU) in collaboration with the Al-Azhar University, Egypt,  is inviting stakeholders to its 4th Workshop on Research Leadership, Transparency, Communication, Partnerships and Collaboration from July 15 -18, 2019.

Research is fundamental for Africa because it is an important source of new knowledge and provides solutions to pressing challenges. There is a need to strengthen Research Leadership so that more resources can be channeled to strengthen research and support African researchers to conduct relevant research.

Universities in Africa continue to be challenged to focus on relevant, transparent and demand driven research. If universities are going to do this effectively they must have the capacities to engage communities, follow research ethical norms, work with industry and manage multi-stakeholder relationships. This has an impact on how universities work and how they position themselves to respond to pressing societal problems.

Significant financial and human resources are also spent conducting research. However, because of ineffective communication of research findings by researchers – the intended beneficiaries of the research don’t always get to know about it. It is crucial that researchers develop skills to effectively communicate research findings for impact and uptake by its most needed stakeholders. There is a plethora of emerging research communication tools that researchers could employ.

Also, Scholarly publication in a peer-reviewed journal is central to the research communication and dissemination process. However, the process of publishing in peer-reviewed journals remains a daunting task for researchers and academics in Africa (Tarkang & Bain, 2019). This is partly due to the fact that the skills, ethics and norms that govern academic research in Africa do not reflect the transparency, openness and reproducibility culture required by these journals. To meet this rising demand of research transparency, it is essential for researchers to appreciate the concept of research transparency, reproducibility, and openness as well as raise their awareness on common academic and policy research misconducts allowing them to produce reliable, trustable and publishable research outputs.

Further, Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration are key for universities in the 21st century and beyond. In this regard, African Universities need to learn how to nurture, identify and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships. They need to understand how they can position themselves / brand themselves to attract beneficial collaborations. No university can exist as an island and be able to succeed in its objectives. Therefore, building capacities for key staff in universities to advance strong partnerships and collaborations is equally fundamental to the success of African universities.

The workshop will focus on:
1. Developing the Research Leadership Skills of Researchers
2. Building capacities for Demand Driven Research Approaches
3. Discussing strategies for disseminating Research findings and Enhancing Researchers’ Online
4. Sensitizing participants on various academic research misconducts (ethical issues) as well as the
lack of sharing and openness in research.
5. Exposing participants to best practices for research Transparency, Reproducibility and
6. Developing capacities for strategic Partnerships and Collaboration


1. This workshop targets the following participants from universities in Africa and from the Africa
Centres of Excellence:
2. Research Directors from higher education institutions
3. All researchers in higher education institutions (both public and private)
4. Academic Staff – Deans, professors, lecturers
5. Vice-Chancellors
5. Research consultants
6. Researchers from National Research Councils and Science Granting Councils
7. Directors of Departments from the Ministries of Higher Education, Science, Technology, etc

The objectives of the workshop will be achieved through lead lectures, skills practice activities, guided feedback, and intensive participant interaction over carefully selected cases and other materials in a process facilitated by experienced Resource Persons.


July 15 -18, 2019

Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

This is a fee-based workshop – we will charge US$400 for AAU member institutions and US$500 for Non-AAU member institutions. The registration fees cover the facilitators’ costs, workshop materials and conference package including certificates, tea/coffee and lunch for the four days of the workshop.
Participants are responsible for other costs such as flight, accommodation and upkeep

All participants who undergo the training course will be awarded certificates of participation by the AAU at the end of the workshop.

To Register, Please click on this link –

Important Contacts: 

Samuel Nyarko Agyapong – | +233249690911
Felicia Kuagbedzi – | +233 246425147


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