Call for CVs for Consultancy to Review AAU-CADRE PHASE II
July 9, 2015
Request for Contacts of Librarians, ICT Directors and Public Relations / Marketing Officers
July 17, 2015
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Call for News Articles

AAU News is a weekly e-newsletter published by the Association of African Universities. The content that we feature is news related to higher edcation in Africa. We call on our member institutions and African higher education stakeholders to submit items by wednesday each week focusing on:

  1. News from your university / institution of higher education that would be of interest to other universities / institutions of higher education
  2. Information on your research activities and the impact of these to your communities
  3. Lessons learnt that would be of benefit to other universities / institutions of higher education
  4. Opportunities that are relevant to universities / higher institutions of education
  5. Videos, pictures, podcasts and other multimedia relevant to African higher education institutions

Submissions should be sent to

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