Request for Contacts of Librarians, ICT Directors and Public Relations / Marketing Officers

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July 17, 2015
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July 17, 2015
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Request for Contacts of Librarians, ICT Directors and Public Relations / Marketing Officers

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Today, the creation of communities and workgroups has become increasingly important. Communities of practice help connect people in the spirit of knowledge sharing, and collaboration. In our environment, it facilitates the process of AAU staying in touch with the very needs of its members to inform decision making and help deepen involvement and communications.

In line with this, the AAU is requesting all its members to send us contact details for the under listed officers. This is to also help ease the

dissemination of information to our member institutions and help us to

build specific communities of practice to support the Association’s goals.



Best email practices further indicate that institutions must implement and use official email addresses to ease continuity in the event that an individual leaves that institution. Thus official email addresses from all members are the ideal ones to be submitted. For example an email address for the Vice Chancellor must be instead of /

Why form these communities?

The formation of these groups will help;

  •  Create the necessary platform and opportunity for interactions
  • Enable continuous dialogue between member staff with the same skill-set to help explore mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • Organize our member officers around purposeful actions to deliver tangible results
  • Provide a shared context for communication and information sharing
  • Make it possible for AAU and members to jointly identify capacity building needs (through surveys and feedback systems) and tailor trainings to address those needs.



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