The Association of African Universities Network is composed of close to 400 universities across the continent. As a service to our member universities we hold fee-based capacity building training workshops covering diverse thematic areas. These workshops contribute to the improvement of leadership, institutional management and the policy environment of African higher education. They also contribute towards knowledge and information dissemination and exchange on issues affecting African higher education.


The century that we are living in has witnessed ‘previously unimaginable’ technological growth and usage. The use of technology has brought challenges related to information and systems security. Countries, governments, institutions and individuals across the globe require continuous capacity building and training to manage their own security and that of their organizations. Cyber security has become an issue of strategic importance when conducting day to day work or business in this technological age.

The AAU Secretariat will be hosting a two day Cyber Security Hygiene Workshop from 27 to 28 March at the new Secretariat Offices. The workshop targets our member universities, private sector, public sector – from Ghana and beyond.


Day 1

  • Importance of Cyber Security in Our Daily Lives
    • The board
    • Management
    • Procurement
    • Technical
    • Users
  • The legal frameworks and our responsibilities
    • Data Protection Act
    • Electronic Transaction Act
    • EU-GDPR
    • Policies & Strategies
    • Business Alignment & Roadmap

Day 2

  • Creating an effective security awareness program
    • Plan & Build an effective awareness Program
    • Implement Maintain & Measure an awareness program
    • Compliance
    • Assessment
  • Security In-depth: Keeping your eyes on the ball
    • Risk management
    • Categorizing data & Gaining visibility
    • Controls & their effectiveness
      • People
      • Processes
      • Technology
    • Monitoring & Re-prioritizing


  • Information security practitioners / communication officers / ICT officers
  • Chief Security Officers, Risk Officers and security management officials,
  • Human resources, training personnel and communications staff
  • Anyone involved in planning, deploying or maintaining a security education, training or communications program


  • At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to
    • Identify the maturity level of their existing awareness program and the steps to take it to the next level
    • Identify various roles and how they contribute to the cyber eco-system within the organization
    • Explain the different variables of risk and how they apply to managing human risk and security awareness training
    • Explain why people are vulnerable and how cyber attackers are actively exploiting these vulnerabilities
    • Identify lapses in their security program and recommend remedial actions to them
    • Aware of legal regulations related to the cyber eco system in Ghana.
    • Gain and maintain long-term leadership support for your program
    • Design and implement key metrics to measure the impact of each stage of your awareness program.


The Participants will receive the following after the workshop

  • Certificate of participation
  • Workshop material – Slides and handouts
  • Access to interact with resource person professionally


  1. Benjamin N. A. Cobblah – Information Security Consultant, ICT Strategy Expert, Security Awareness Advocate. His LinkedIn Profile is:
  2. Eric Akumiah – e-Transform Consultant, Data Expert, Cyber Security Expert. His LinkedIn Profile is:


Please register online via this link:


  1. GHS 500 for AAU Member Universities
  2. GHS 600 for non-AAU Member Institutions and Individuals

The workshop fee covers tuition fees, electronic content, certificate, lunches, teas and water


Please contact Miss Edith Laari on so she gives you an invoice with the bank account number