Job Announcement- Policy Specialist

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January 14, 2021
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January 15, 2021
Vacancy Notice – Post of Executive Director, Quality Assurance Authority- Mauritius
January 14, 2021
Job Announcement by the Association of African Universities – Data Specialist
January 15, 2021
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Job Announcement- Policy Specialist

The Association of African Universities (AAU) was established in November 1967 with the cardinal functions of coordinating and networking Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) at the continental level, and providing leadership in developing and promoting a common vision for African higher education. The AAU is an international non-profit higher education organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality and relevance of higher education in Africa. Currently, AAU has a membership of about 400 HEIs from 46 African countries. Given its continental scope of operation, inclusiveness, capacity and experience, AAU is the main advocate for and convener of all stakeholders on general matters of Higher Education (HE) in Africa. The AAU collaborates with a number of international organizations and development partners in an effort to fulfil its mandate to the African higher education community. The Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25) aims to reorient and provide qualitative and quantitative improvements to African education and training systems and provide the continent with the requisite human resources for achievement of the African Union’s Vision and Agenda 2063. The AAU is the Coordinator of the Higher Education Cluster of CESA and the Manager of the African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) database of the African Union.

The AAU is part of a consortium on Harmonisation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA) Initiative funded by the European Union Commission whose key objective is to
improve the quality and harmonisation of African higher education and support students’ employability and mobility across the continent. Pursuant to this Quality Assurance (QA)
Initiative, AAU is creating a Policy-Data Unit, which is a centralized structure within AAU that will be responsible for all data related activities, with particular reference to the HAQAA Initiative. As a result of the volume of envisaged activities under the Policy-Data Unit, the AAU seeks to recruit a Policy Specialist.
The AAU Policy-Data Unit will undertake a number of activities, including but not limited to:

-Driving data collection on key themes linked of the objectives of CESA 25, specifically those related to higher education, as covered by CESA Higher Education Cluster
-Interacting with key stakeholders in African higher education, at regional and national level, so as to better understand existing data sources and build upon them.
-Producing policy analysis reports, based on data collection activities, which will serve the CESA Clusters and ultimately help to assess the goals of CESA, particularly in higher
-Participating in CESA Higher Education Cluster meetings, so as to receive feedback on data collection and also present findings.
-Setting up and hosting the African Higher Education Database, with key information on Trends in higher education in Africa.
-Contributing, where called upon, to other important studies carried out by the CESA Higher Education Cluster, led by its Co-Coordinators (AAU and INHEA) and the
coordinators of its subclusters.
-Overseeing the data intake from the AQRM and assessing its possible integration into the African HE Database and into Policy reports and studies.
-Communicate activity with the AUC regarding the coordination of data to assess and develop policies at the African level for higher education, via the CESA platform.

Main Responsibilities of the Policy Specialist:

The Policy Specialist will be a member of the AAU project management team and will report to the Secretary General of the AAU and consult regularly the Director of Research & Academic Planning (DRAP) and the Director of ICT and Knowledge Management (DIKM), as well as other relevant governing structures, including the AAU Governing Board. S/he will be responsible for the day-to-day execution of the policy related activities of the AAU Data-Policy Unit under the guidance of DRAP, DIKM and the HAQAA Initiative coordinator, OBREAL Global.

The main duties of the Policy Specialist will include:
– Drafting an annual workplan for discussion within the AAU, with key stakeholders and the PDU Steering Committee;
-Conducting background policy research and analysis as well as synthesizing research findings to identify and recommend best practices.
-Canvassing existing data sources, research and reports and ensuring the added value of the PDU’s work toward the CESA framework;
– Coordinating and analyzing the results of policy surveys in cooperation with a Data Specialist;
-Developing one-pagers and policy briefs based on data collection and analysis;
-Assisting in enhancing the policy department’s collaborations and communications on integrated activities with other CESA Clusters and Higher Education Subclusters;
-Contributing professional expertise and experience concerning science policy, higher education policy, and other policy areas most relevant to the AUC and other higher
education stakeholders;
-Writing annual HE policy reports;
-Preparing other written communications on a variety of topics of importance to AUC and higher education stakeholders, based on the work of the PDU;
-Interacting/coordinating communication with the PDU Steering Committee so as to integrate its feedback in the PDU’s work;
-Identifying new fields policy research relevant for the CESA framework;
-Performing any other duties or project management assignments that the Secretary-General may assign, in consultation with the HAQAA2 Implementing Team and the Coordinator of the CESA HE Cluster.

Requirements of the Policy Specialist
– A higher education degree or academic qualification in Public Policy Studies, International Relations, African Studies, Education/Higher Education, Regional
Integration Studies or a relevant discipline;
-Having held academic and/or management position with experience in public policy, policy development and assessment and/or international higher education for a minimum of 8 years, with extended period outside home country;
-High experience with the African higher education environment and higher education regional and sub-regional bodies as well as with African Union policy making;
-Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
-Ability to prepare and manage project budgets and produce project reports;
-Ability to analyze existing tools and databases;
-Excellent written communication skills and report writing experience;
-Exceptional team player with a strong ability to contribute positively to a team environment;
-Have good management, presentation and interpersonal skills;
-Excellent verbal communication skills.
-Fluency in English and French. Competency in at least one other AU language will be an advantage (Arabic or Portuguese).
Terms and Conditions of Employment
– The contract will be for a period of two (2) years, subject to a probationary period of six (6) months. The appointment may be extended subject to availability of funds.
-The position may require occasional travel outside Ghana.
-The AAU offers an attractive remuneration package calculated and paid in US dollars for non-Ghanaian professional staff. The monthly salary of the the Policy Specialist
will be consolidated as a Consultant within the range of P2-P3 depending on qualification and experience.
– As a member of the AAU project management team, the Policy Specialist will enjoy diplomatic privileges accorded to non-Ghanaian professional staff by the Government
of the Republic of Ghana.
– Annual leave of twenty-one (21) working days.


Please submit your application and supporting documents via this link – 

Applications should comprise:
• A statement of interest and fitness for the position.
• A detailed curriculum vitae describing applicant’s professional experience and
qualification for the position.
• Three (3) reference letters, one of which should be outside the candidate’s home country, should vouch for the candidate’s knowledge, integrity, and enthusiasm
towards work. Each of the three reference letters should be sent directly from the referee by e-mail to this address: (with a copy to

The Deadline for application  was Monday, 15th February,  2021.  

For further enquiries contact:
Tel: (+233) 302774495/761588
Email: (with a copy to

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