Project Development and Grant Writing Workshop Series

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Project Development and Grant Writing Workshop Series

Dates|Venues : March 2020 -Accra, Ghana & August 2020 – Kigali, Rwanda

Programme Overview

Donors are increasingly willing to fund community developed projects that are sustainable and impactful. After several years of AAU analysing successful projects and proposals, it has been found that projects developed by individuals and institutions are more likely to be successful, sustainable and impactful if they are developed and planned with the community as part of the long term community or institutional development strategy. The Project Planning and Grant Writing Workshop aims to train delegates on the strategies, tools and requirements to better define community and institutional problems, design community-based solutions and write a winnable proposal for funding.

Target Audience

  • All faculty staff preparing to write for grants and project funding
  • Grant Mangers and Staff
  • Project Officers
  • Not for Profit Organisations

What you will learn

  • Methods to identify and describe long term community goals
  • How to document problems and assets at the continental, national and community level
  • Community-based planning processes and tools
  • How to write application or apply for funding

Programme Content

  • Community Goals and Project Ideas
  • Designing Community Problem Questionnaire
  • Writing Problem Statement
  • Community Mapping
  • Community Resources Identification
  • Determining Project Goals
  • Narrowing Down Project Approach
  • Establishing Project Objectives and Activities
  • Assumptions, Expected Outcome and M&E
  • Developing an Objective Work Plan
  • Developing Sustainability Strategy
  • Gathering Ideas
  • Identifying Financial Needs
  • Budget and Work Plan

Registration Information

Workshop Dates and Place:

11-13 March 2020. Accra, Ghana       Registration Link:


25-28 August 2020. Kigali, Rwanda   Registration Link:


Workshop Fee: $500

Fee paid takes care of: Visa Assistance, Airport Pickup, Wi-Fi, Opening Cocktail & Jazz Night, Breakfast, Workshop Materials, Lunch, Refreshments, Certificate, City Tour & General Tour (outside the city)


Get in touch for all assistance and queries:

Schenineda Kwaku Ankomah


WhatsApp: +233200783270

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