Workshop on Best Practices in Donor Fund Management

Project Development and Grant Writing Workshop Series
November 18, 2019
Second Annual Meeting of Registrars & Higher Education Professionals in Africa
November 20, 2019
Project Development and Grant Writing Workshop Series
November 18, 2019
Second Annual Meeting of Registrars & Higher Education Professionals in Africa
November 20, 2019
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Workshop on Best Practices in Donor Fund Management

18-21 February, 2020 | Venue: Nobleza Hotel| Kigali, Rwanda

Programme Overview

Many institutions lose projects and continuous support from funding sources due to poor performance of the project and poor grant management systems. The consequences of any failed program are highly damaging to any institution. Not only are national wealth and development opportunity lost, trust is also lost and most adversely, the chance of the same Development Agency or another having interest in that institution is shrunk. Best practices in donor fund management needs to be ensured at all levels of the project or grant life cycle in order to achieve success.

This 4-day interactive training workshop covers best practices in donor fund management in depth, covering topics from preparation of preliminary request document to leadership, integrity and corruption in project delivery. Attendees or whoever may at any time play the role of a Program Manager for a Development Agencies’ supported project will be equipped with broad knowledge and skills required to successfully implement such projects in a way that guarantees the expected outputs, outcomes and impact of the project.

Target Audience

The workshop is best suited for people who occupy the following positions:

  • Faculty Staff who are Project Heads, Officers, Managers, Coordinators and Assistants
  • Staff who Manage Grants of the University
  • Finance & Non-Finance Managers of Projects
  • Administrative Staff of Grant Receiving Universities

Expected Outcomes

After going through the training, attendees are expected to:

  • Have a broader base of knowledge on what constitutes best practices in the management of Development Agencies’ supported project;
  • Understand different methods and associated procedures for procurement of goods, works and services;
  • Be able to prepare bidding documents and bid evaluation reports;
  • Understand different methods and associated procedures for withdrawals of funds from the loan or grant provisions;
  • Be able to prepare implementation plan and budget;
  • Be able to master strategies for requesting and receiving appropriate approvals from relevant authorities;
  • Be able to keep appropriate records of events, activities and transactions to position a project strategically for both procurement and financial audits;
  • Understand the operation of Results Measurement Framework, prepare Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and undertake actual measurement of outputs, outcome and impacts;
  • Understand content of and be able to prepare Progress Reports;
  • Understand the impact of leadership, integrity and corruption on successes or failures of projects

Programme Content

  • Preparation of Preliminary Request Document;
  • Preparation of Project Appraisal Report;
  • Negotiation of Financing Agreement;
  • Development of Implementation Plan and Work Plan;
  • Procurement Management:
  • Advice on Procurement Methods;
  • Preparation of Procurement Plan;
  • Preparation of Bidding Document;
  • Preparation of Bid Evaluation Report;
  • Disbursement Management:
  • Preparation of Disbursement Plan;
  • Preparation of Disbursement Applications;
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Project Outputs and Outcomes:
  • Development of Result Measurement Framework;
  • Development of Measurement and Evaluation Plan;
  • Project Coordination:
  • Arrangements for Project Audits (Procurement and Financial);
  • Contract Administration;
  • Strategic application and receipt of ‘No-Objections’
  • Financial Management;
  • Project Reporting:
  • Preparation of Progress Reports;
  • Preparation of Project Closure Report.
  • Leadership, integrity and corruption.

Registration Information

Workshop Date(s): 18-21 February 2020

Venue: Nobleza Hotel

City/Country: Kigali, Rwanda

Workshop Fee: $600


Fee paid takes care of: Visa Assistance, Airport Pickup, Wi-Fi, Opening Cocktail & Jazz Night, Breakfast, Workshop Materials, Lunch, Refreshments, Certificate, City Tour & General Tour (outside the city)

Follow this link to register


Get in touch for all assistance and queries:

Schenineda Kwaku Ankomah


WhatsApp: +233200783270



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