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Register for the Leadership In University Transformation course on the AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS platform

COURSE NAME:  Leadership in University Transformation

Duration: 12 Weeks

Target Group: Deans, Executives (e.g., Aspiring Vice-Chancellors), Heads / Chairpersons of Department

Overview of the Course:

Many academic leaders find themselves in leadership positions without sufficient preparation for the challenges that face both institutions and the people who occupy such positions. Second, why should the transformation be a particular concern of the African university? And third, what should academic leaders know and do in order to ensure the much-needed transformation? Time: Own free time for reading and assignments plus 3 interactive hours per week, entirely online.

Module Duration: One week per module

Payment Options: PayPal / Visa card

Certification: Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate by AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS.


BENEFITS OF COURSE:  Participants will

● Acquire an enhanced understanding of the phenomenon of university transformation with special reference to the African university

● Develop the ability to identify areas of transformation in a university

● Develop the ability to play an effective role in championing, facilitating, and leading the transformation process in the participant’s own university

● Be awarded an accredited certificate in university transformational leadership. NB: Time: Own free time for reading and assignments plus 3 interactive hours per week


Course Curriculum


Introduction: Presentation by the Facilitator Module 1: Transformation as an Imperative for the African University Presentation by the Facilitator: Discussion.



Module 2: Desirable Characteristics of an African Graduate Brief Presentation by the Facilitator: General Class Discussion Leadership, Management & Administration Presentation by the Facilitator: Discussion.



Module 3: Transforming Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Content Developmental Approach to Teaching & Learning Presentation by the Facilitator: Discussion Developing a Curriculum that Reflects an Africa-Centred Consciousness Presentation by the Facilitator: Discussion.



Student Presentations on Module 3.



Module 4: Research & Innovation Facilitator Presentation on Research & Innovation: Class Discussion.



Module 4: Research & Innovation Structures Facilitator Presentation: Discussion.



Module 5: Transforming Culture, Leadership & Management Facilitator Presentation: Discussion.



Transforming Culture, Leadership & Management Developing a Strategic Plan: Presentation & Discussion Developing an Operational Plan: Presentation & Discussion.



Guidance on Project Writing.


WEEKS 10 & 11

Project Writing and Individual Consultation.



Submission of Projects.




BA (Hon), MPhil, Ph.D. (London)

Leadership Author & Training Specialist

Professor Emmanuel Ngara is a scholar and leadership expert who has served as a diplomat, Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE), Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Fort Hare, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at several universities, including the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Fort Hare, the University of Natal and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


He has produced numerous publications in the areas of African literature, education, applied linguistics, and leadership.

How You Will Learn: The course is divided into flexible and manageable weekly modules, designed to make the learning process one that is worth experiencing through a variety of activities.

● Unlimited access to downloadable and online instructional materials

● Weekly interactive live sessions from 15h00 to 18h00 SAST with your peers and facilitators through online class presentations and small group discussions. Studies through a wide range of interactive contents: video lectures and many others.

● Applying what is learned to short quizzes and assignments ( a short class presentation assignment and a project) builds up the ability to bring about the leadership transformation required in your institution.


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