Scholarships and Grants for Africans – Compiled by the AAU (Third Edition)

Press Release – The Association of African Universities (AAU) signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) to promote China-Africa Universities Collaboration
November 17, 2022
Press Release – Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE Impact) Announces the Winners of its First Students Innovation Research Awards
November 30, 2022
Press Release – The Association of African Universities (AAU) signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) to promote China-Africa Universities Collaboration
November 17, 2022
Press Release – Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE Impact) Announces the Winners of its First Students Innovation Research Awards
November 30, 2022
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Scholarships and Grants for Africans – Compiled by the AAU (Third Edition)

This week, the Association of African Universities (AAU) presents to our African higher education stakeholders, the latest compilation of Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships, and other opportunities for the attention of our network.

Our aim is to highlight global opportunities for our stakeholders to leverage in building their capacities and in harnessing the various opportunities therein, to meet Africa’s most pressing challenges as well as to  place our continent firmly within the core of the global knowledge economy.

We aim to promote academic mobility and strengthen institutional partnerships in research and other areas through this initiative.

Empower yourself, take advantage of the opportunities highlighted in this edition of opportunities and help share it widely among your networks for the good of the general African higher education community. AAU – the voice of higher education in Africa!

  1.  Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) Individual Fellowship 2023 for Global Scholars

Join a cohort of leading thinkers in a creative space for the mind.

Application Deadline: 30th November 2022

To be Taken at (Country): South Africa

About the Award: STIAS provides and maintains an independent ‘creative space for the mind’ to advance the cause of science and scholarship across all disciplines. It is global in its reach and local in its African roots, and values original thinking and innovation in this context. No restriction is placed on the country of origin, discipline, or academic affiliation when STIAS considers a fellowship invitation. It encourages the cross-pollination of ideas across cultures, academic or otherwise, and hence gives preference to projects that will tap into, and benefit from, a multi-disciplinary discourse while also contributing unique perspectives to such a discourse. This interaction is fostered by inviting individual fellows or project teams where each team member is evaluated individually.

Type: Research

Value of Award: STIAS provides and maintains an independent ‘creative space for the mind’ to advance the cause of science and scholarship across all disciplines.

Duration of Award: The STIAS terms run from mid-January to mid-June (first semester), and from mid-July to early December (second semester).

Kindly click on the link below to apply:


2. Mo Ibrahim Foundation MBA Scholarships 2023/2024 for Africans at London Business School

London Business School offers a wide range of scholarships to international students, one of which is the Mo Ibrahim Foundation MBA Scholarships.

Application Deadline: 3rd January 2023

Eligible Countries: The scholarships are for nationals of Sub-Saharan Africa including; Angola, Burundi, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Botswana, Comoros, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

To be Taken at (Country): UK

Eligibility: The MBA scholarship will be awarded to an exceptional MBA candidate from sub-Saharan Africa with financial need.

Number of Awards: One scholarship will be awarded each year.

Value of Award: Full fees

How to Apply: Candidates who receive an offer will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

Kindly click on the link below to apply:


3. Study in Finland: University of Oulu Masters Scholarships 2023/2024 for International Students

The University of Oulu, Finland Scholarships are provided to academically talented international students. Students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA member state are liable to pay the tuition fee.

Application Timeline: January 4, 2023 – January 18, 2023 (15.00 GMT +2).

About Award: The Finland scholarships are aimed at students studying for a Master’s degree in the University of Oulu two-year international Master’s programmes. The scholarship is for one academic year and covers the full international tuition fee.

Eligibility: Candidates are eligible to apply for a University of Oulu IM Scholarship 2023/2024, if they are:

  • Non-EU/EEA citizens who do not have a permanent residence permit in Finland.
  • Eligible to apply for a Master’s degree programme at the University of Oulu for academic year 2023/2024.
    • The applicant has obtained their first academic degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) from a recognised institution of higher education.
    • The applicant proves a high level of proficiency in English language. Approved methods of demonstrating language proficiency.

Value of Scholarship: The tuition fee is an academic fee and thus covers the costs of tuition. The tuition fee does not cover the living costs such as accommodation, meals, and transportation. All students are required to finance their living costs by themselves.

How to Apply: There is no separate application for the International Finland Scholarships. All applicants for University of Oulu Master’s degree programmes need to complete the Student Application Form. Those applicants who are applying for the University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship have to additionally complete the “Application for Scholarship,” which can be found at the end of the Student Application Form. The International Master’s Scholarship application form cannot be completed and/or submitted without the Student Application Form.

Kindly click on the link below to apply:

4.  UK African Research Leader Scheme 2023 for Early-career African Leaders

The UK Medical Research Council and the UK Department for International Development announce a further call for proposals for the prestigious African Research Leader awards.

Application Deadline: 1st December 2022 16:00 GMT+1

About the Award: This MRC/ DFID jointly funded scheme aims to strengthen research leadership across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by attracting and retaining exceptionally talented individuals who will lead high quality programmes of research on key global health issues pertinent to SSA. The African Research Leader (ARL; PI) should be supported by an enthusiastic local research environment and by a strong linkage with a UK partner (i.e. the UK Co-Investigator; Co-I).

Type: Grants, Research

Eligibility: The African candidate will:

  • have completed a PhD
  • be well-qualified for academic research having spent at least the last three years in active research (post-PhD)
  • be building a track record of independence in their selected field and demonstrating promise as a future research leader.

Outstanding candidates who do not have a PhD but who are educated to master’s level and have substantial research experience, as evidenced by their publication record, may also be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Applications from women are encouraged. Candidates wishing to combine their research with domestic responsibilities may seek the award on a part-time basis. The terms and conditions of the award make allowances for maternity or paternity leave. Allowance will also be made to those researchers whose career has been affected, either by a late start or by interruption, for personal or family reasons.

Value & Duration of Award: Awards will provide support for up to 5 years and the MRC Contribution should not exceed £750k in total.

How to Apply: Kindly click on the link below for further details and to apply:


5. Clinton Global Initiative University Program 2023 for Exceptional Students and Young Leaders

Building on the successful model of the Clinton Global Initiative, President Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world.

Application Deadline: 16th December 2022 at 11:59pm ET.

Eligible Countries: All

To Be Taken At (Country): USA

About the Clinton Global Initiative University: Each year, CGI U hosts a meeting where students, university representatives, topic experts, and celebrities come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Students create their own Commitments to Action that address issues on campus, in local communities, or around the world. Since 2008, students have made more than 6,250 commitments, and nearly $3 million in funding has been awarded to these commitment-makers through CGI U.

Type: Entrepreneurship, Conference, Masters

Eligibility: You are eligible to apply to the CGI U Class of 2021 if you have never previously been accepted to CGI U, you are at least 18 years of age, and you are currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning at the time of application. Students may only submit one Commitment to Action; duplicate applications will not be considered.

Value of Clinton Global Initiative University Award: CGI U provides need-based travel assistance to a limited number of students to attend the CGI U meeting. You can apply for this assistance when you apply to attend CGI U (as noted below, students are only eligible for travel assistance if they apply by the Early Decision deadline).

Duration of Program: All accepted CGI U students are expected to be available for the entirety of the scheduled dates of the four online modules. Accepted students are required to attend and fully participate in all online module activities. The average time commitment is 3 hours per module.

How to apply for Clinton Global Initiative University Award: Applications are open.

Kindly click on the link below for further information and to apply:


6. Volkswagen Foundation Norbert Elias Fellowships 2023/2024 for African Researchers – Germany

To increase the diversity of perspectives in the ZiF research groups and to make African researchers more visible, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) is now offering two scholarships per year for researchers from Africa: the Norbert Elias Fell

Application Deadline: 22nd December 2022.

Eligible Countries: African countries

To be Taken at (Country): Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld, Germany.

About the Award: Are you interested in interdisciplinary cooperation? Do you want to be part of a high-level international team of researchers? If so, we invite you to apply for a Norbert Elias Fellowship at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld, Germany.

ZiF is the Institute for Advanced Study of Bielefeld University and has been fostering outstanding interdisciplinary research groups for more than 50 years.

The fellowship is part of the ZiF Research Group working on on “Internalizing Borders: The Social and Normative Consequences of the European Border Regime”, convened by PD Dr. Frank Wolff (Osnabrück), Dr. Dana Schmalz (Jena), Prof. Dr. Sabine Hess (Göttingen) and Prof. Dr. Volker M. Heins (Essen). International fellows from different disciplines will work together at ZiF from October 2023 to July 2024. The research group’s working language is English. Further information about the research group can be found here.

Type: Research

Eligibility: The fellowship is directed at senior and postdoctoral researchers from African universities whose research and publications are closely linked to the research group’s topic. We are looking for applicants from backgrounds in social sciences, history and law who have worked in Border and Migration Studies or related research fields. Experience of interdisciplinary research or working experience in two or more of the above fields will be an advantage.

Applicants should be interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and willing to engage in the activities of the research group. Since one of our goals is to extend our interdisciplinary networks across the African continent, we are looking especially for researchers who plan to continue their careers at African institutions.

Selection Criteria: Selection criteria are academic excellence, relevance of the research for the research group’s topic, and a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration. The decision will be taken by the ZiF and the research group conveners. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a Skype interview.

Number of Awards: 2

Value and Duration of Award:

  • The ZiF offers a monthly stipend of 2400 Euro plus free accommodation at the ZiF’s campus and travel expenses.
  • The ZiF will also contribute to health insurance costs.
  • Fellows are very welcome to bring their families with them. The ZiF campus comprises flats from single room to family size to provide suitable accommodation.
  • Fellows will also receive an additional allowance of 200 Euro per month per accompanying child.
  • We will be happy to assist with finding appropriate childcare and educational facilities.

Application details: Kindly click on the link below to apply:


7. Georgetown University Global Human Development Programme Full Masters Scholarships 2023 for Sub-Saharan African Students

The Global Human Development Program (GHD) at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is excited to announce at least one full-tuition scholarship and several partial scholarships for GHD students from sub-Saharan Africa, made possible through the generous support of the Amre and Caroline Heinz-Youness Family and the William and Catherine McGurn Family.

Application Deadline: 15th January 2023

To be taken at (country): USA

About the Award: The Georgetown University Global Human Development Programme is a two year, full-time master’s degree that encompasses an innovative skills-based curriculum with built-in opportunities for experiential learning. The curriculum covers core courses including the economics of development, international political economy, program design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, finance and budgeting, and management.

Type: Masters

Value of Georgetown University Global Human Development Programme: A full tuition scholarship for a GHD student from sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to the curriculum, students apply the skills and knowledge they are learning in the classroom to three different professional work experiences:

  1. the summer field project (a fully-funded 2-3 month international work placement);
  2. an internship at a relevant Washington DC-based international development organization/agency for at least one academic semester; and
  3. the capstone project (a two-semester client engagement project emphasizing project management and analysis).

Kindly click on the link below to apply:


8. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2023 for Masters Students in Commonwealth Countries

Application Deadline: 10th January 2023 at 16:00 UTC.

About the Award: Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships give talented students from anywhere in the Commonwealth the opportunity to gain a Master’s degree, while developing new skills, experiencing life in another country, and building their global networks.

Join more than 35,000 individuals who have benefitted from the life-changing opportunities a Commonwealth Scholarship offers and contribute to the development of the future Commonwealth.

Type: Master’s

Eligibility: Citizens (or those who hold refugee status) in a Commonwealth country are welcome to apply.

Number of Awards: 9

Value of Award: Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships offer a life-changing opportunity for cultural exchange and academic collaboration in unique environments across the globe

Award allowances include:

  • Fully-funded tuition fees
  • Living expenses (stipend) for duration of award
  • Return economy flight
  • One-off arrival allowance
  • Research support grant (on request)

Duration of Programme: 2 years

Kindly click on the link below to apply:


9. Opening Soon: US Government TechWomen Program 2023 for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Fields

The US Government TechWomen initiative will identify 100 women in STEM fields from countries in Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East to participate in the 2023 program.

Application Deadline: 6th January 2023 09:00AM PDT (GMT-07:00)

Eligible Countries: Be citizens and permanent residents of Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Zimbabwe at the time of application and while participating in the program.

To be taken at (country): USA

Eligible Field of Study: Any STEM fields

About the US Government TechWomen Program: From the moment the Emerging Leaders arrive, they are immersed in the innovative, constantly evolving culture of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Emerging Leaders work closely with their Professional Mentors to design meaningful projects while exploring the San Francisco Bay Area with their Cultural Mentor and fellow program participants.

Type: Training, Fellowship

Eligibility: Applicants for US Government Techwomen Program must

  • Be women with, at minimum, two years full-time professional experience in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Please note that internships and other unpaid work experience does not count toward the two-year professional experience requirement.
  • Have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree/four-year university degree or equivalent.
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Be citizens and permanent residents of Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Zimbabwe at the time of application and while participating in the program.
  • Be eligible to obtain a U.S. J-1 exchange visitor visa.
  • Not have applied for an immigrant visa to the United States (other than the Diversity Immigrant Visa, also known as the “visa lottery”) in the past five years.
  • Not hold U.S. citizenship or be a U.S. legal permanent resident.

Selection: TechWomen participants are selected based on the eligibility requirements above. Applications are reviewed by independent selection committees composed of industry leaders and regional experts. Semifinalists may be interviewed by United States Embassy personnel in their country of permanent residence.

Number of Awardees: 100 women

Value of US Government TechWomen Program: International travel, housing, meals and incidentals, local transportation and transportation to official TechWomen events are covered by the TechWomen program. Participants are responsible for the cost of any non-program activities in which they wish to partake, such as independent sightseeing and non-program-related travel.

Duration of US Government TechWomen Program: The 2023 TechWomen program will occur over five weeks from September 2023 – October 2023. Due to the fast-paced nature of the program, arrival and departure dates are not flexible.

Kindly click on the link below to apply:

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