Revised Application Instructions ECOWAS Fellowship Programme 2015

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September 18, 2015
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Revised Application Instructions ECOWAS Fellowship Programme 2015

Revised Application Instructions for the ECOWAS Fellowship Programme 2015 Masters and PhD study for ECOWAS citizens.

Applicants that are submitting applications in response to the 2015 ECOWAS call are hereby informed that an online application form has been created to facilitate the application process. Those that already emailed their applications should also re-apply using the new instructions. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the link from here:
  2. Make sure that you have all the required information ready including your CV and scanned certificates
  3. Each supporting document that you upolad must not exceed 1MB
  4. You need about 45 minutes online to complete the form
  5. Please email the following people if you encounter challenges:
    • Technical Issues with the online form:
    • Queries about the ECOWAS call:
    • Or telephone: +233302774495

The Deadline for receipt of applications is 15th October 2015

Please find the English and French ECOWAS Calls that were circulated by the AAU:

  1. English Call
  2. French Call

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by this change.

Version française

Tous les candidats qui souhaiteraient postuler pour le programme de bourses de la CEDEAO au titre de l’année 2015 sont informés que le formulaire de demande en ligne a été créé et peuvent dès lors postuler en ligne. Les candidats qui ont déjà envoyé leur candidature sont également priés de suivre les nouvelles instructions ci-dessous:

  1. Ouvrez le lien:
  2. Assurez-vous que vous avez toutes les informations requises, y compris votre CV et diplômes scannés
  3. Vous aurez besoin d’environ 45 minutes pour remplir le formulaire en ligne
  4. Veuillez envoyer un message par email si avez des soucis concernant :
    • Problèmes techniques avec le formulaire en ligne:
    • Questions relatives à l’annonce de la CEDEAO:
    • Ou appelez: +233302774495

La date limite de réception des candidatures est fixée au 15 Octobre, 2015

Nous nous excusons sincèrement pour tous inconvénients causés. Merci


  1. Sulaimon Ridwan says:

    the link: “” meant for the application for the fellowship, is still not accessible. It merely shows a blank page.

  2. Syb says:

    How come the form is refreshed when I click on a box to tick it. I can’t submit the form because of this.

  3. iskeel says:

    This link is not active again. kindly assist

  4. Afolayan Oluwaseun says:

    Good evening Bro. Pls, is there any update on the screening date for this ECOWAS FELLOWSHIP 2015? I’v not heard from them since the close of the application on the 15th of this month. Thanks for ur assistance.

  5. Sulaimon Ridwan Adigun says:

    Please, what about updates on those selected for University of Cheikh Anta Dioup?

  6. Sulaimon Ridwan Adigun says:

    What about those selected for University of Cheik Anta Dioup?

  7. Sanni M O says:

    please we want to know the status of our applications, I chose University of Ibadan and Lagos as my first choice and second choice respectively,no email yet on the status of my application

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